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Including: Walls, Closets, 

Fascia, Flooring, Tables



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General Info

2024 General Information

Show Hours

May 1: Final booth payments due, click here

June 21: Display case orders due, click here

June 21: Safe orders due, click here

June 27: Special construction, tables, fascia, flooring orders due, click here

June 27: Lighting & power orders due, click here


Click here to view the floorplan.


Friday, July 12, 2024

6pm - 8pm, Preview Cocktail Party

Saturday, July 13, 2024

10am - 6pm, Antiques & Design Show

Sunday, July 14, 2024

10am - 5pm, Antiques & Design Show


All booth packages include:

  • 7' walls covered with the paper color of the dealer's choice when registering for space

  • 800 watts of power, in the form of one duplex outlet, located along the back of your booth area

  • Company name and weblink on the show website

  • Digital marketing kit

  • Printed marketing postcards

  • 7" x 40" booth id sign (black & white block text treatment)

  • To order special construction walls, flooring, tables, fascia, power and lighting, display cases, safes, etc., refer to the order forms at the top of this page.


Load-in times are: Thursday, July 11, 3 pm - 8 pm and Friday, July 12, 7 am - 3 pm

  • All dealers must move their vehicles off the property by 3 pm on Friday so event management can make final preparations for the preview party, which begins at 6pm. Dealer attendance at the preview party is mandatory.

  • If you do not know your booth location when you arrive, please ask a show staff member, and we will be happy to assist you. Booth areas will be marked with an ID sign with the dealer's name. Dealers are not required to leave this sign up after loading in.

  • Booths do not include any furniture or lighting, but you are welcome to bring your own or order through the show. Extra Walls, Tables, Flooring & Fascia Display Cases, Lighting & Extra Power Safe Rentals

  • The show floor is a grass lawn and not completely flat. Please plan accordingly and wear comfortable shoes.

  • When you arrive to load in, please unload your truck as quickly as possible and move it to the parking location of your choice (see 'Parking' info below). You may then return to continue setting up your space. This ensures that room is made for other dealers to unload their vehicles. Abusers of this process will go to the bottom of the list for load-out.


Load-out begins at 5:15 pm on Sunday. No trucks are allowed on the field until 5:15 pm (to allow for final sales). Staff will be on hand to assist you and direct you to an open parking spot, as they become available. All dealers and support staff are expected to be EXTRA kind and respectful so that load-out is completed stress-free. 

Clean-up: Dealers are expected to clean up their booth area and leave the area as found. If you hire helpers, please make sure they understand this as well. Dumpsters are provided. The fields will be used by families with children after you leave. If you break glass or drop nails or screws, please clean up to avoid injury. Also, bring extra trash bags to make sure you're covered.


As in years past, freelance porters will be on the grounds during set-up, show hours and breakdown, and to make local deliveries. There can never be enough porters for a show, so you may have to wait your turn for the available help. You are welcome to bring your own helpers.  There is a designated collection point at the entrance gate for items purchased during the show. Items will need to be carted or hand-carried to that point. No vehicles are allowed on the grounds during show hours. Deliveries may be scheduled after the show closes, where vehicles will be allowed on the grounds for that purpose. Please bring cash to pay your porters a fair wage. We have asked the porters to report dealers who take advantage of the helpers.




Long Term Parking

  • Lumber Lane Daily Parking Lot 2 (closest to Herrick Park) is Free to everyone for 23 hours only. There is no overnight parking.

  • Lumber Lane Long Term Lot (closest to YMCA) on the Park Mobile app Zone 59203. Free to Village Residents with Resident Permit for unlimited nights. Non-residents will be charged $10/day.

  • Along Railroad Tracks on the Park Mobile App Zone 59201. Free to village Residents with secure a parking space to purchase (no prepayment/no refunds. Do not pay in advance)

  • North side of Lumber Lane on the Park Mobile app Zone 59202. Free to Village Residents with Resident Permit for unlimited nights. Non-residents will be charged $10/day. You must secure a parking space to purchase (no prepayment/no refunds. Do not pay in advance.)


Pay-By-App with ParkMobile

Parking just got easier in East Hampton Village! Residents and Visitors can now easily pay for parking from their mobile devices with ParkMobile, the leading provider of smart parking and mobility solutions in North America.


Extra Preview Party tickets can be purchased by clicking here. Preview Party tickets must be purchased in advance.

Will-call VIP customer tickets may be purchased onsite, starting on Friday after Noon, and held at the gate.


There is very limited storage space available on site, and it is not secure. Dealers should plan accordingly. Extra walls for a closet can be purchased before July 6th. Contact us for more information: Vitas, 207-749-1509



Security will be provided starting at 8 pm on Thursday and will be present overnight. You are also welcome to cover your booth for the night, which many dealers do. Additionally, you may rent a safe by clicking here.


The minimum combined 2023 sales tax rate for East Hampton, New York, is 8.63%, which includes state, county, and city sales tax rates.


We are waiting for more information, but we do know this: no food or beverage will be available for purchase during load-in. Please make sure to bring your own refreshments, including plenty of water.


Dealers are strongly encouraged to purchase insurance where they do not have the immediate funds to cover the potential or actual losses, damage, or injury associated with the event or the cancellation of the event that may be caused by themselves or others. The dealer agrees that Green Tree Event Consultants, The East Hampton Historical Society, and any of their contractors shall not be held liable for damage, breakage, or acts of omission of any participant, porters, dealers, or suppliers to our shows. Safekeeping of the dealer's property is the sole responsibility of the dealer. Green Tree Event Consultants, The East Hampton Historical Society, and any of their contractors will not be liable for failure to hold the show as scheduled when it is canceled or delayed due to "Force Majeure," defined as cancellation or delay due to natural and unavoidable catastrophes, including pandemics and epidemics, that interrupt the expected course of the show and restrict the participants from fulfilling their obligations.

  • Applicants are required to exhibit in person. Static displays without representation require special permission from show management.

  • Noise must be minimal to avoid disturbing neighboring dealers and attendees.

  • Distribution by dealers of any printed matter, promotional materials, souvenirs, or articles is limited to the confines of the dealer's booth.

  • Dealers are solely responsible for paying any state or local taxes, permits, or license fees related to the show.

  • Dealers are required to keep their display within the confines of their booth area. Display and merchandise extending beyond the confines of the booth area are not permitted unless authorized by show management.

  • Dealers must comply with state and local fire regulations.

  • Show management retains the sole right to remove any exhibit for any reason, in part or whole, without recourse. Reasons for removal may include safety or objectionable content, or prohibited items such as ivory or mercury, but are not limited to this list.




Please help us, help you by marketing the show! 

  • Submit an image of the item(s) you're most excited about bringing to this year's show by clicking here!

  • Request marketing postcards to bring along to your shows and hand them out to clients by, please confirm mailing address and quantity you'd like to receive by clicking here!

  • Post to your social media channels with these handy, ready-to-go downloadable graphics!

  • Reach out to your VIPs and personally invite them to the show. Buy them tickets by clicking here!

  • Follow the show on our social media: Instagram Facebook

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